This Lightweight Fence Provides Heavy-Duty Security

This Lightweight Fence Provides Heavy-Duty Security

Discover the benefits of a chain-link fence installation in Laurel & Billings, MT

Protecting race participants, personal property and construction sites has never been easier. By getting a chain-link fence installation from a local fence company, you can have the security you need without busting your budget. Jares Fence Company, Inc. has been in business in Laurel & Billings, MT for over 36 years. We offer comprehensive fencing services, including fence repairs and chain-link gate installation services.

Our chain-link fences protect more than our clients' properties. You can find them around town at local parks and fundraising events, too. Find out how we give back to the Laurel & Billings, MT community by visiting our Community Benefits page now.

5 ideas for a chain-link fence

Call Jares Fence Company today to schedule a chain-link fence installation if you need:

1. An animal enclosure, such as a dog kennel
2. A security fence for an event or construction site
3. An outfield fence for a baseball field
4. A perimeter fence for your school or storage facility
5. A trellis for your garden

We'll install whatever size chain-link fence you need to protect your property. For added security, you can get a vinyl-coated chain-link fence installation. And, as part of our chain-link gate installation services, we'll build an inconspicuous entry point anywhere along your fence.

Need a temporary chain-link fence? We offer a fence rental program for residential and commercial clients. Call Jares Fence Company at 406-652-1924 now to learn more.